A multiplayer mental math game.

Mathematical Base Defenders is a multiplayer math game where the objective is simple: solve problems on the enemies to kill them.

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Mathematical Base Defenders is NOT a substitute for a legitimate math tutor.

Many game modes to choose from...

Mathematical Base Defenders can be played in many gamemodes.
One of which is the fast-paced Standard Singleplayer game mode, or go slow and steady with the Easy Singleplayer game mode.
Or grab a friend or two and enjoy Multiplayer mode with other people around the world.

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Multiple Game Modes
including Multiplayer

Picture of the game's main menu screen.

Many modes are available, including the fast-paced Standard Singleplayer mode, or you can go slow with the Easy Singleplayer mode, or you can play with friends along with other people in Multiplayer mode.

Custom Game Mode

Picture of the game's custom gamemode menu screen.

If none of the modes suit you, you can also make your own custom mode with your own parameters. Set the enemies to be as fast or slow as possible, or set the combo time to be as long as possible to keep your pristine combo status.

Customizable Game Client

Picture of the game's settings menu screen.

Change the enemy color, how much data is displayed, or the enemy width itself, all in your client.

Account System

Picture of mistertfy64's account page.

Create an account to store your game data, so you can compare against your friends and see who is better.
Registration is NOT required to play.
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No Download Required

Picture of the play button on this page.

This game is playable in a web browser. Just click on the green button or here.

Supports both the × and ·

Picture of two enemies: one having the × as the multiplication sign, and the other with a · as the sign.

This game allows you to select what multiplication sign you want, so you can say goodbye to ambiguity!


Picture of the website's leaderboard page.

This game has a leaderboard, so you can compare against your friends and other players to see who's the best.
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